Why do I have to provide my number even if I login through Facebook ?

Tootle is a real time location based app. As local freelancers are matched with local projects and local one time requirements, the best way to serve you and match you to your appropriate job as per your location is your phone number.

Why do I need to provide a picture of my ID proof ?

We ask for ID proofs in the second stage of verification process to make sure that fake accounts can be kept out. Every employer would like to interact with real profiles to delegate his part time work and we are committed to making the platform free from all nuisance and unethical practices.

Why does it take 72 hours to verify my profile?

It takes a maximum of 72 hours to verify your profile keeping in mind the time for scanning of profiles in case of any discrepancy and the volume of applications. There is a good chance that your profile will be accepted within 24-48 hours.

I have completed the 2 step verification process. Now what?

Congratulations for completing the verification process! Now sit back and keep checking the application from time to time to see the freelance job requirement openings and apply for the desired one.

I have applied to a job. How do i contact the person who posted the job?

After you apply for the job, your employer shall contact you over chat or through a phone call so that you both can directly interact with each other and mutually discuss the work details and the amount. Tootle Pro users have the option of starting the conversation with the prospective employer. Free users cannot initiate a conversation.

How can I post jobs?

To post jobs you only need to follow the first step of verification process (Mobile number verification and/or facebook login) and not the second. Click on Hire and post your requirements in the appropriate categories and see the available candidates. If a suitable candidate is not found, wait for some time and applications for the job requirement shall come in due course of time.

As an employer how can I trust the quality of work I find on Tootle?

As a Tootle user you will have the freedom of choosing from a list of freelance service providers that will be displayed based on the kind of work you’re looking to hire for, which you can alter and re-alter via preference settings. Check the profiles for information regarding their work or you can also directly contact them via Tootle to remove or satisfy any and all doubts you have. Hire someone only after you are satisfied with the information you receive through Tootle and from the local freelancer.

Why does my profile need to be verified even after I login through facebook and confirm it through my number?

If you have logged in through facebook and/or have verified your number, you have complted the first step of verification.

The second and final stage of verification involves your selection of the category you want to freelance in and skills pertaining to that so that it will help us in matching you with the right freelance requirement. You have to upload a picture of a government issued ID card .

We shall accept/decline your profile after reviewing your skills, professional about info and freelance category consistency and ID.