Welcome to the Pro Palace

All necessary information about being a Tootle Pro has been displayed here for you to see.

A Tootle Pro is the best person for any job that employers can ever find on Tootle.

Being Tootle Pro is tough.

Only the freelancers receiving an average 4-star rating from 3 completed jobs are eligible for the Pro experience.

After fulfilling the eligibility criteria the freelancer can apply for Pro membership and wait for the verification process to start. (7 working days)

The freelancer will be interviewed by Tootle via video-call, phone-call or local meeting in-person.

Depending on availability.

A minimum amount of 25 credits must be present in account when applying for Pro membership

The Pro life pays

Perks of the Pro:

  • Special Tootle Pro Badge displayed on Profile assuring quality and authenticity
  • Profile will appear on top of the Employer’s list of service providers
  • You will receive on & off-app notifications about relevant job postings in your area.
  • Initiate Conversations. (Tootle Pro’s don’t wait around for nobody!)

Staying Tootle Pro is Tougher.

The Pro Code

  • A Tootle Pro must maintain an average 4-star rating at all times. A symbol of quality service.
  • A Tootle Pro must either Ignore or Apply to the job postings they are notified about. Within 36 hours.
  • A Tootle Pro must Toggle-off their freelancer account if they are unavailable or do not wish to receive notifications
  • A Tootle Pro must always maintain a minimum amount of 5 credits in their account.

Any Tootle Pro found not keeping to the Code will be immediately Blocked from Tootle for a period of 7 working days and permanently blacklisted from Pro Membership.

Welcome to the Pro Life.

Happy Tootling!